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Best exercises to flatten tummy fast

The 10 best exercises to tighten the stomach quickly, we present them to you because many people want to know them in order to have a slim body, completely free from sagging and fat that causes an inappropriate appearance and grows over time fat turns the abdominal area, which is difficult to get rid of, so in the following lines we explain the best exercises that work to get rid of fat and tone the stomach as quickly as possible.

There are a large number of exercises that tone the abdomen, but some of them take a long time to appear effective on the body, so many people would like to know which exercises are the fastest effective to get rid of belly fat and tone the body in the shortest possible time, and among these exercises are those that are done at home, including those that are done in the gym. Therefore, we present you with the simplest exercises that will help you tighten the abdomen in the shortest possible time.

 Plank exercise

The plank exercise is one of the best exercises to tone abs as quickly as possible and in the shortest amount of time during the day.

Plank exercises are performed by lying on the floor and laying flat on your body while standing on your instep.

The body also rests on Kuwait, as well as on the crest of the leg with a straight back at a level parallel to the level of the elbows and tonics.

The duration of the exercise is 45 seconds during the day.

You have to repeat the exercise continuously 3 or 4 times until you see good results

The plank exercise tones the obliques and removes the fat around them in no time.

You have to continue for at least two weeks to see the best results

It also occurs when toning the body, especially in the abdominal area.

 Bicycle exercise

One of the best exercises to tone tummy fast, this exercise works to tone tummy in a very short time without much effort.

This exercise is performed by the person lying on their back, after which the legs are lifted up while keeping the back horizontally straight.

After that, the legs are alternately stretched forwards and backwards, similar to riding a bicycle, but in the air.

Three sets of the exercise are counted, each set containing 15 repetitions, so that each foot is properly benefiting from the exercise.

This exercise fully trains the muscles of the entire body and the abdominal muscles.

This will help tighten the tummy as quickly as possible.

The exercise is repeated continuously in order to achieve a positive result as quickly as possible.

The results of the exercise appear within just two weeks of starting the exercise, considering that the exercise is done correctly.

Exercise for mountaineering

Also among the top 10 exercises to tense abs fast is the mountaineering exercise, which is a very effective exercise to tense abs as quickly as possible.

Exercising can help you get rid of flatulence quickly

This is how you get a flat stomach within two weeks.

The exercise is performed by lying with your palms on the floor.

As well as the instep and the horizontal straightening of the body.

Then the right leg is stretched forward with the left hand and other leg facing as in mountaineering.

This happens alternately between the two men.

The exercise is repeated daily for 15 repetitions in three sets to get the best results as quickly as possible.

 The traditional crunch

This exercise is commonly used in gyms and can also be done at home.

The exercise works to tone the upper abdomen and strengthen its muscles.

This is because it puts pressure on that area and increases the stress.

Lie on your back with your knees raised and lean on your instep, hands parallel to your body.

Then the foot is touched from the outside, whether in the right leg or in the left leg.

The exercise is repeated three times daily until you see an amazing result

And then after completing all the exercises, you will get a flat stomach

 Sit-ups with crunch exercises

This exercise is one of the most effective exercises for toning the entire body.

And focus on the abdomen so that the individual achieves the ideal desired body.

This exercise is characterized by the fact that it can be done at home and without any equipment or tools for this exercise.

Lie on your back with your knees raised and your hands under your head with your elbows straight so your chest is open.

After that, the person begins to raise his head slightly up so that the elbow alternately touches the knee.

Reps will be for 20 repsperformed in three sets.

This exercise is repeated daily and in no time the positive effect of this exercise on the tummy tuck, especially the upper part, will be seen.

 Scissors exercise

It is a relatively simple exercise that is performed without using any tools during the exercise.

It can also be done at home.

This exercise is performed by sitting on the floor and raising your back while resting on your hand from elbow to palm.

The feet are lifted off the ground and the climbing begins, specifically in the scissors exercise, by alternately lifting the feet up and then down, similar to the shape of scissors.

The player continues this exercise for five minutes, and thus the exercise has an effect on toning the entire abdominal muscles, especially the lower muscles.4- Leg raise exercise

One of the exercises is also very effective and ranked among the top 10 exercises to tone abs fast, the leg raise exercise, which is a very simple exercise and suitable for any task.

This exercise helps to get rid of the flabbiness in the abdomen in order to get toned again.

This exercise will help get rid of the rumen as quickly as possible.

Lie on your back with your arms stretched out horizontally, your legs raised at a 90-degree angle.

After that, the player slowly lowers the legs further and then raises them again for ten minutes.

 Glass surface exercise

One of the exercises that many people do to tone the abdomen from the sides and top and bottom is the glass room exercise.

Lie on your back, hands outstretched and legs up.

The legs are moved at an obtuse angle in the form of a semicircle to tighten the abdomen as quickly as possible.

 Crunchy kicks

This exercise is performed by sitting on the floor and lifting your legs forward with your back straight.

We move the legs forward and back again, repeating the exercise several times in a row.

With this exercise, the abdominal muscles are significantly tightened and strengthened in a very short time.

Abdominal exercise

The usual abdominal exercises are among the exercises that have proven themselves to get rid of the rumen and quickly tone the abdominal muscles.

The exercise is performed by lying on your back with your body straight.

The arms are under the head and the player must stand and then lie down without moving their feet.

We do this exercise for 5 minutes a day continuously


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