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Best Laxative Drinks for Constipation

Medication alone is not enough to recover from constipation, but it is necessary to choose a drink from the 10 best laxative drinks for constipation and commit to drinking it until full recovery and restoration of normal and healthy movement in the intestines Stop consuming the distressing signs associated with its presence, such as obstruction to bowel movements or vomiting.

Causes of constipation

The behaviors one has become accustomed to in everyday life are the main causes of constipation and the appearance of its stress signs, and these wrong behaviors include the following:

Eating foods that do not contain even a small percentage of fiber in their composition.

Excessive consumption of milk and milk products such as yogurt and others.

Do not consume as much water as your body and intestines need.

Or from the group of hot or cold liquids.

Imbalance of daily food intake, leading to imbalance in the intestine and its movement.

As well as the lack of exercises that stimulate the intestines and the body.

Laxative drinks for constipation

Symptoms of constipation can progress to a bowel obstruction, blocking the flow of feces or gases, so it's imperative to have one of the following beverages:


Excessive caffeine in a cup of coffee is a treatment for adults only, not children, and it's worth consuming one or two cups of coffee a day at most:

A cup is made up of muscle-strengthening compounds in the digestive tract.

This contraction facilitates the passage and outflow of sticky waste stored in the digestive system.

It is also made up of other compounds that stimulate the production of one of the fundamental hormones that stimulate the elimination process, namely "cholecystokinin".

It also consists of an excessive amount of fiber, which increases the body's ability to complete metabolism.

It restores the normal active movement of the intestines.

Prepare simple coffee by adding a spoonful of your preferred coffee type, light or dark or any other, to the pot while gradually pouring in the water while stirring.

Then the pot is placed on a very low heat until the coffee begins to boil, and then a little of it is poured into the cup.

Then the rest of the cooking is continued and poured into the cup after boiling.


Just one cup of a licorice root drink is enough to soothe the gut and digestive system and get your bowels moving again:

It is worth consuming a cup of licorice once a day after a meal, which fights inflammation.

Licorice is prepared by adding 2 cups of flour to a bowl.

A measure of sodium bicarbonate is also placed, a spoonful of it is enough.

Then gradually pour in some water until a paste-like mixture is formed and leave to rest for 120 minutes.

Then it is cleaned on a piece of gauze with a bowl underneath, and then the cleaned liquid is kept in the refrigerator for 60 minutes before consumption.


Lemon draws water into the intestinal area, so it's one of the top 10 laxative drinks for constipation:

A cup of lemon contains a large amount of vitamin C, which is included in the list of antioxidants that increase water content in the intestines.

This makes the droppings softer and less solid.

This facilitates drainage without any problems from scratches or pain.

 Also, this ample bounty prevents the occurrence of the problem of dehydration of the body and maintains the amount of moisture contained in it.

Lemon is prepared either by squeezing and consuming the squeezed pot alone.

Or by consuming it after putting a spoonful of white honey on it, or by consuming a mixture of its juice with hot or cold water.


Magnesium, found in large part in salt, promotes muscular contractions and contractions within the intestines, which speeds up the passage and drainage of feces:

It is prepared by adding either two tablespoons or less to the cup.

Pour water or the juice of a fruit like peach and consume it only once to soften the bowels.

If constipation persists after consuming this cup, a quarter of a spoonful should be taken orally.

 Coconut Water

It is a good alternative to plain water and also ideal when compared to sugary juices from harmful compounds:

It's the clear liquid in the unripe coconut made up of carbohydrates that the bodyper can digest quickly.

This water cleans both the urinary tract and the intestines from accumulated waste products.

This stimulates the evacuation of feces in a soft way that does not damage the anus.

It also consists of a group of minerals, the most important of which is magnesium, which compensates for the loss of intestinal and body fluids.

And restores them to adequate hydration, which treats dehydration.


It is desirable to consume a cup of this herb hot immediately after meals, as it takes its place in the best laxative drinks for constipation:

The best drinks to treat constipation quickly

For a day, chamomile compounds calm stomach spasms and spasms caused by constipation and hardening of the stool.

The gas is smoothly drained from the intestine.

It also restores the balance of movement and activity in the gut.

This will soften the stool without scratching or injuring the anus.

Prepare by adding a handful of chamomile flowers to the cup.

The water standard is poured and stirred until the flowers are overlaid with the water and change color, cover for a while and then consume.4- Prune Juice

It is preferably prepared without sugar and is used to soften and stimulate the contractions of the intestinal muscles, with the advantage that sorbitol as well as magnesium are present in its composition:

It also contains water-insoluble fibers that stimulate the movement of waste and feces.

After reducing the degree of its hardness to facilitate its removal without pain or wounds.

It comes from the exploitation of plum stones equivalent to half a kilo.

With 3 cups of plain water and one and a half cups of rose water.

By putting the pills in a bowl with just plain water to boil for 3 minutes.

Then the seeds are separated from the kernels, then put in the mixer and cleaned of sediment and husk.

Then pour into the cups and distribute rose water and lemon drops over the cups.

apple juice

It is not recommended to add sugar during preparation, it represents a fruit drink that quickly softens the intestines due to its high fiber composition:

It also contains pectin, sorbitol and vitamins C and A.

All of these substances increase the rate of bowel contractions that push out waste.

The red apple is used to prepare the juice after having cored it and dividing it into several small cubes.

Then these pieces are raised onto the fire with a suitable standard of water.

Let the cubes boil with the amount of water for half an hour.

Be sure to stir so the red color of the cubes overlaps with the water.

It is then cleaned to remove the debris from the cubes and left to warm up, then refrigerated and consumed cold.

Castor Oil

It's worth taking a lot of it orally right away, as it releases certain types of acids that lubricate the intestines, soften stools, and easily pass them to the outside.

 Olive oil

The good, native oil, which is easy to find in perfumeries, is one of the top 10 laxatives for constipation:

It is a lubricating substance that stimulates the movement of waste in the intestines, softening them until they can be easily removed.

And, in turn, protect against signs of constipation.

It also expands the intestines, which in turn calms the spread of infection within the alimentary canal.

It also reduces pressure on the intestinal area.

It is placed directly in the mouth or by pouring a standard onto dishes such as salads or cheese, or used in cooking in place of vegetable oils or ghee.


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