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The best exercises to strengthen eyesight

The best exercises to strengthen eyesight. The problem of low vi
sion is one of the problems that troubles many families as it affects both old and young people and poor vision can be due to any of the following reasons

Deficiency of some nutrients and vitamins.

Exposure to television and computer screens over a long period of time.

It may be due to a disease such as diabetes.

Smoking is one of the main causes of poor eyesight and vision loss.

The eye has been subjected to an accident or a strong blow.

Exposure to infections in the eye and not treated.

All of these reasons and more can lead to poor eyesight and there are two main factors in improving vision, namely (a diet with some fruits and foods that help improve vision, some eye exercises). We will show you some essential exercises that will help strengthen eyesight and reduce its weakness through the best exercises to strengthen eyesight.

Best exercises to strengthen eyesight:

It is necessary to have time to rest your body, even in your day full of appointments and busyness, especially if this time is devoted to eye exercises to improve your eyesight, learn with us the best exercises to improve your eyesight

 Psychological exercise for the eye

Psychological eye training is one of the most important exercises that must be practiced in everyday life and permanently.

Convinced that you are weak sighted will negatively affect your performance and no matter how much you practice exercises they will not work for you.

Relaxing a little and being fully convinced that your eyesight is strong and not weak will improve your mental state and exercise performance.

And make sure you become hyperopic very soon.

 An exercise in drawing shapes

Drawing shapes with your eyes is one of the most interesting exercises that will help strengthen your eyes.

First, sit comfortably and straight.

Keep your eyes open and imagine a geometric drawing and try to draw it by eye.

For example, with the square, try to move your eye towards the square as much as possible and draw it, and then prepare other shapes.

It is also possible to write letters and words, this helps to focus and strengthen the eye muscles.

 Squint eyes exercise

Squinting is a powerful exercise that helps improve vision.

This exercise is based on considering a static object.

First, focus on any object in front of you, then look at it with your eyes wide open and hold for 10 seconds, then close your eyes.

You can stare with one eye while closing the second and switching between them.

 The eye exercise up and down

The eye up and down exercise is like the previous exercise and is a very effective exercise to strengthen eyesight.

The difference is raising your eyes up and then going down:

Sit in a comfortable, upright position so you can't move during the exercise.

First you need to raise your eye up, i.e. look up without moving your head and neck.

Then move it down.

Repeat this exercise twice a day for 10 to 20 seconds each time.

The right and left eye movement exercise

Right and left eye movement exercise to improve visual impairment and strengthen eye muscles.

First, sit up straight and comfortably so that you don't move your head or body during the exercise.

Move the eye to the right side.

Then move it to the left side.

Repeat this exercise for 20 seconds, then rest a little and repeat throughout the day.

 Cross eye exercise

Crossing the eye is one of the most effective exercises to improve vision and eye health.

First, hold a pen in your arms and carefully focus on the pen.

Draw directly with the pencil and focus up to 6 inches from the face.

You can also extend your arm backwards before returning to the starting point to focus on the pen and repeat 10 times.

 The exercise to zoom in and out and adjust the eye

The exercise of enlarging and reducing the eye and adjusting the eye is one of the most famous health exercises to improve eyesight that doctors recommend and use.

It also strengthens the eye muscles and perfectly improves eyesight.

In this positionn you should not move your head and neck and sit up straight.

Extend your arm and lift your thumb.

Then focus on your thumb for 5 seconds or use a pencil.

Then bring your thumb 3 inches close to your face, focus on the thumb and pull back.

You can also do this exercise with a pen or ruler.

 Eye pressure exercise

The eye pressure exercise is one of the simplest exercises that strengthens the eye and relaxes and soothes the eyes.

It is also considered one of the eye yoga poses for relaxation and comfort, reducing stress and tension.

First rub your hands well to warm up.

Second, place your warm hands on the eye and squeeze for 10 seconds while closing it. This will help you relax the eye and improve vision.

And you can dwarf it more than once during the day

 Eye rotation exercise

The eye rotation exercise is one of the most well-known exercises to strengthen eyesight in the right way.

This exercise is one of the simplest exercises to improve vision. All you have to do is:

Slowly move the eye clockwise at first and only do this 5 times a day.

Then slowly move the eye counterclockwise again and do it only 5 times a day after the first time.

It is also one of the eye exercises that only

takes a minute in your day, so do it for a better vision.

 rest the eye

Resting the eye is one of the most important exercises in improving vision. It is not an exercise in itself, but it is a way to improve vision and protect the eye in general.

Excessive staring at computer and television screens and frequent reading can subject your eyes to severe fatigue and fatigue.

This leads to poor eyesight, just as the body needs rest, the eyes also need rest while you are awake.

You must rub the eye in a simple circular motion to avoid causing inflammation in the cornea, as rubbing the eye helps warm and relax the eye.

Then try to cover the eye and relax for a quarter of an hour or 5 minutes without drowsiness, and this will help remove stress and fatigue from the eye.

It also greatly improves eyesight.


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